Case Study

Changing your training business model to survive

Creating revenue by selling out digital meeting rooms online.

Until this year business models that were built on training rooms full of eager and receptive delegates were effective. The pandemic of 2020 requires a reshaping of this traditional model in order to survive.

Traditionally, Titan have worked with many companies on their conferences; supplying audio visual equipment such as PA systems, projectors, screens, filming and full on site technical support.

We found that Life BC (Before COVID) clients were starting to dip their toes into our online offering. Some clients have been reluctant as they want delegates on seats in a room with all of the benefits of live room interaction and group interactivity. However, we are seeing a definite trend, especially in sectors where mobility is a factor, where clients are experimenting by offering elements of that conference online, either live or by filming, and making it available post event.

COVID has catapulted this transition to digital overnight.

Current online digital conference apps are great for internal meetings however, if you want to successfully sell out a product online, professional broadcast quality and production value is essential.

Getting the technical quality right;

We send out a dedicated laptop with the software already loaded along with a light, microphone and camera. Our technician then takes control of the laptop remotely so you do not need to worry about any sensitive client material being compromised on your own computer or device.

Some clients are used to providing remote training and have invested in their own equipment however, many have not. Many businesses don’t have the necessary technical or digital skills. These organisations breathe a sigh of relief and really appreciate the support that we offer.

Here is a link to tips that we recommend for those who wish to provide their own equipment.

At Titan we set up sessions where we remotely record both your video and sound live at our Birmingham studio using dedicated online software.

We then re edit and digitally repackage your material adding your company branding ready for training and limiting access, protecting your material.

We design a micro site where your training videos are accessible to paying trainees. They can only access material via individual passwords so your material is secure.

Live questions and answer sessions;

Whilst the training presentations are pre recorded and private, the presenters and trainees can take part in a live interactive session with the presenters at a date to suit.


Jane Lakey CEO of CCC Limited says...

The future for events changed in a single week last March; we cancelled our event programme, which were all live events in venues. The best thing I did in that lockdown week was to ask Aston Business School to recommend a film company in case we wanted to go in the direction of recorded events, and they recommended Titan.

By the time we reached May, it was obvious that events as we knew it were not going to reappear for a very long time, and we had to put our events on-line.

We bit the bullet and started some serious dialogue with Titan. Andy and Jim held several long phone calls and video calls with me, set up working examples I could trial, and gave me detailed costings. We decided to make the jump to recorded events and Titan provided the reassurance we needed.

It was absolutely the right decision to have made, and Titan was the right partner. They are honest, their work is high quality, and they're not afraid to challenge us. Going with Titan has enabled our business to move on despite Covid.

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