Rest assured that you are in safe sanitized hands.

The landscape of events is changing, we value the wellbeing of our team and clients above all else.

The landscape of events is changing. Although the way we do things might not be the same, and in some instances from a distance to what we’re used to, rest assured that you are in safe (and sanitized) hands.

We value the wellbeing of our team and clients above all else.

For any new events confirmed with us moving forward, we promise that should they subsequently be unable to go ahead due to COVID-19 we will transfer your booking to a mutually agreeable future date penalty-free. As an added assurance, we will make no change to the previously agreed rates. This will be subject to availability.

Live video streaming

We have always offered a live video streaming option with any booking.

More so now this allows you to manage larger delegate numbers by allowing guests to attend virtually and provides an opportunity for you to increase the reach of your event by attracting additional attendees from around the world.

For more information and cost please look at our live streaming P1 package to get you started.
We also offer fully a full dedicated streaming option.

Social Distance

To protect us all we have now introduced a strict social distance measure that minimises transmission and protects us all.

If we are required to visit your venue we are no longer setting up control operational areas in theatre control box areas and only operated in the main house or events space where we can adequately space our operational team. Communication within the team is done via our talk back system.

For the foreseeable future, we will not be using Q & A microphones but setting up shotgun microphones on stands one either side of the conference space that delegates can move towards in order to ask any questions.

There will be a 2m marker in front of the microphone where we respectfully ask you to stand.

All equipment supplied by Titan Film and Events will have been sanitised with viral spray.

We also carry viral wipes and spray sanitiser and hand sanitiser when we are operating on your event.

Where possible we use lectern and table top microphones on table stands which are sanatised after use.