Remote Production Tips

Tips when streaming remotely
from the home or office.

We would always prefer to come to your location, however...

  • We would always prefer to come to your location giving you our full broadcast service to either film or live stream your event. This option will always give you best production value which in turn gives your viewers a great experience.
  • If this is not possible, and you still want to give clients some virtual offering, we provide a remote video recording service.
  • We link remotely to your laptop and record your presentation live in Birmingham. We can then do any editing of your presentation adding name straps and graphics and send your presentation back to you for use via an FTP.
  • If your personal laptop specification is limited and cannot be used for successful remote recording, we can send out a kit via a courier directly to your location.
  • This laptop is already loaded with specific licensed software along with a separate microphone, webcam and ethernet cable so you can connect to your home router. All equipment will have been sanitised and quarantined before dispatch.
  • Our laptops also have TeamViewer software loaded so we can remotely configure the laptop for you presentation. We even supply all the return labels and parcel tape so you can re package the equipment and a courier will collect from your address.
  • We have found that clients have enjoyed this service as we can also remotely talk back live to the presenter and direct them accordingly.

Technical specifications for best results when streaming from home.

  • Check your internet speed, ideally you need a 10mbps upload. Use to check.
  • If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that all other devices within the house are turned off e.g. Smart TV’s, cell phones, tablets and other devices. You ideally need a dedicated upload and access.

If you intend to present from home regularly, you may wish to consider the below:

  • Ideally connect your laptop to your router using a dedicated network cable and avoid using a wireless connection. Search Amazon
  • Ideally use a separate webcam with a resolution higher than 1280 x 720 pixels. Invest in a separate webcam like a LOGITUBO. Why? - Manufacturers are constantly striving to make laptops thinner. Because of this, there is not enough space in the lid of the laptop for a quality camera. Search Amazon
  • Whilst webcams also have a built in microphone, if you are looking for improved sound quality of speech, it may be worth investing in a separate cardioid microphone. Earbuds are useful and prevent you from looking like you work in a call centre. Search Amazon

The blue links above are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement and can be purchased from other outlets.

Man's Hands Using Laptop With Blank Screen On Desk At Coffee Shop.
Only present using a laptop or desktop computer.
Woman Looking At Her Smartphone During Video Chat, In A Van
Using mobile phones or hand held devices may unsettle the images.
Laptop In Stand On Office Desk
Raise your laptop so the camera is eye height, use books if no stand.
Area With Light
Choose an area with good lighting.
A Teenage Boy Sitting At The Dinning Table In The Dark
Avoid dimly lit rooms, laptop cameras need plenty of light to work effectively.
Silhouette Of A Man By A Window
Setting up your laptop with windows behind you results in you becoming a silhouette. 
Young Woman Peering Inside Laptop Screen
Your face will become distorted and look unflattering if you lean or sit too close to the screen.
Choose an appropriate outfit which suits the topic you will be presenting.
Noisy Enviro
Noisy environments will distract both you and the listener. 
Messey Background
Choose a business like background and remove all personal clutter.
Turn Off
Turn off all other devices that connect to your internet while streaming. 
Avoid Interuptions
Plan to minimise any foreseeable interruptions whilst presenting.