Audio Recording

Need an audio recording, speak to us today.

Making a quality audio recording... 

There are now more opportunities than ever to join a choir, brass band or an ensemble.

The reason why groups need an audio recording are varied from simply hearing a rehearsal, or preparing for a concert or competition; through to making a quality recording for prosperity or fund raising for a charity.

Titan has a long history of working with live music, from brass bands, orchestras and ensembles through to many world music groups. 

It’s worth considering that when you record your group you will be spending all day at the venue. Sometimes it may be two or more days. Therefore, as well as being suitable for making a recording, you need to consider practical matters such as keeping your performers fed and watered.
Where can you record?

We will come to your preferred venue or rehearsal space.

Talk to us about your proposed venue – we can help you decide if it will be suitable for your recording. 

Microphones are extremely sensitive so please do consider the following:

• is it quiet and away from any main roads?

• is there a well tuned piano? (if you need one)

• you need enough space to ensure your group is comfortable in their usual ‘performance’ positions along with space for your accompanist and any other performers who are involved.
What can we record?

The choice of repertoire is entirely up to you. You can record with backing tracks, using a piano or a full orchestra, if you wish. 

Just let us know and we will make sure we set up the right combination from our stock of AKG, Neumann, sE Electronics and Sure microphones.

Depending on what sort of group and repertoire, the acoustics may be important to you. For example, a small group singing madrigals would most likely benefit from the acoustics of a church or small chapel. 

If you are a more contemporary choir, particularly if you sing to backing tracks, a ‘drier’ space is likely to be beneficial.