Conference Equipment Hire

Conference equipment hire for fashion shows, product launches, training and awards evenings.

Conference equipment hire for all events. With everything from concept to design, set, staging, installation, technical staff and graphics.

Our highly experienced team have extensive knowledge and skills in lighting, sound, stage management and video production management.

How we can help you with your conference equipment hire?

Whatever your requirement: conference/event, exhibition, client presentation, product launch or awards – indoor or out, we would be happy to supply you with a detailed proposal.

We can even film your event and create training, inspiration or promotional opportunities by way of a bespoke DVD or website footage.

Take advantage of our new conference packages to save time and expense.

According to your budget, a range of customised packages are available which incorporate your company branding.

Deliver an event...on budget!

In a small space the main requirement is often just a two speaker PA, some up lighters and maybe a plasma screen.

At Titan we always quote, including what we consider to be the essential equipment in order to deliver your event.

In our experience a client may assume that the technology already installed at a venue is sufficient for their event. Sometimes, this will not result in an end product of the required quality. Having some sort of budget in mind for this is a good idea when planning conference equipment hire.

If you are utilising the services of an agent or event planner, they may already know how much the venue, catering and logistics are going to cost. 

However, depending on your expectations of quality and reliability, it may be necessary to supplement the venue’s in house audio visual kit, and technical event support with our conference equipment hire.
Titan are prepared...are you?

A common mistake that people can make with their event is leaving it to the last minute. It makes everyone a bit more panicky.

If we do not know the venue you have chosen, we recommend a site visit. This is so we know exactly what’s been installed. We can get a room plan and a list from the venue and see the capabilities and the position of their kit. 

If there’s a projector and it has a fixed position in the venue, is it pointing in the right direction that you need for your event? It may be you need two projectors for your event in which case we really need to supply you with two matching projectors.

We are more than happy to meet you at the venue to conduct a site visit. It may be that the venue has all of the AV installed and these come as part of your room tenancy.
Confident and experienced...

If you are confident and experienced in delivering the technical side of events then you may not need our support. 

However, we often find that whilst companies have good IT and marketing departments that know clearly what they want to achieve, they do not necessarily have the technical skills to deal with those inevitable quirks of equipment that can sometimes occur. 

During an event clients may find they have to wait for the venue to ring through for technical support, assuming that they have someone to deal with your specific issues.

Having a dedicated technician on-site, in your room, to manage your AV on the day is vital and helps with the smooth running of your event.

We can compile slide decks, adjust microphones and sound levels so that you can carry on with your other duties assuring a successful event.

We strongly encourage our clients to use Titan to set up and operate the equipment. It’s one less thing for you to do and also it makes it our responsibility.  
from £6,500 ex vat

The sky is the limit with this option. We can turn your vision into reality with our extensive stock of stage sets and audio visual equipment.

Custom Screen
POA Subject to brief

We built a custom wide screen for this client who needed to project super wide slides.

Gala Awards
POA Subject to brief
What's Included >

1 x 8mtr x 3mtr stage at 300mm, 1 x Stage valance
1 x 4mtr wide step, 7 x Chairs (black)
2 x Comfort monitors (17" TFT screen)
8 x 42" Plasma screens and stands
1 x Material backdrop and lighting
1 x Laptop, 1 x Slide advancer (clicker)
4 x Stage lighting (to light lectern and stage area)
2 x Lighting stands and dimmers
2 x Large lighting stands and gantry
1 x Trilite lectern
1 x 6 Speaker PA system
1 x Twin lectern mic kit, 2 x Hand held radio mics
1 x CD Player
1 x Laptop sound connection (DI box)
1 x Technician throughout event (subject to final requirements)

Suitable for 1 - 300 delegates

The sky is the limit with this option. We can design sets and turn your vision into reality with our extensive stock, shapes and audio visual equipment.    

from £1,750 ex vat
What's Included >

1 x 5mtr x 2mtr stage at 300mm
1 x 1mtr wide step
1 x Stage valance
1 x 10ft High material backdrop (various colours available)
2 x 42" Plasma screens and stands (option to upgrade plasma size)
1 x Laptop, 1 x Slide advancer (clicker)
6 x Up Lights (to light material backdrop)
1 x Stage lighting x 4 (to light lectern and stage area)
2 x Lighting stands and dimmers
1 x Trilite lectern, 1 x Plinth
1 x 4 Speaker PA system
1 x Twin lectern mic kit, 2 x Hand held radio mics
1 x CD Player
1 x Laptop sound connection (DI box)
1 x Technician throughout event (subject to final requirements)

Suitable for 1 - 200 delegates

Use both video and PowerPoint playback with this option. This package is ideal if you are limited on space. Plasma screens look both neat and professional. For this awards we used 2 x 42” & 2 60" plasma screens.

from £1,350 ex vat
What's Included >

1 x 3mtr x 2mtr stage at 300mm
1 x 10ft High material backdrop (various colours available)
6 x Up Lights
Generic stage wash
1 x Acrylic lectern
1 x 4 Speaker PA system
1 x Lectern mic kit
1 x Hand held radio mic
1 x Solid State Player
1 x Laptop

You may want something that suites a celebration of work achieved. This option is a great way forward. You have all the essentials for a great celebration with projection, sound, lighting & stage.  

In Conversation
from £575 ex vat

All that was needed for this 'In conversation' event was a simple stage to raise the guest presenters and a PA system with various radio mics for artists and a Q & A session. Ideal for public debates, meet the actor, author or artist.


How can event planners best assist their AV supplier to do a good job

Allow time. We often have clients who want to do award ceremonies, yet their tenancy of the venue doesn’t allow time for setup or any rehearsals. For the sake of what could be a small fee to get in earlier, it can make things unnecessarily difficult.

It’s also important to share as much information with your AV supplier as possible. A client will always know their event better than anyone else, but sometimes they make assumptions that you’re equally well informed. For example, they take for granted you know they’re referring to the presenter when they’re talking about their HOD or CEO.

So, give as much information as you can and allow time for rehearsal. Those two things mean that if any issues pop up, you can do something about it.

Is it important to leave time for the speakers to rehearse?

Professional speakers can often hit the ground running but it’s definitely a good idea if you have people presenting who are not used to standing in front of an audience.

We often ask clients if we can get in touch with these speakers in advance to find out about how they want to speak. Would they prefer to use a lapel mic, or a headset mic or perhaps they might prefer to stand behind a lectern? It’s important for us to understand any technical requirement’s e.g Does your presenter need to get online or run specialist software.

Sometimes they might say they want to use a lapel mic but suddenly when they’re speaking, they develop a nervous ‘grab of clothing every 30 seconds or constantly hitting the lectern so we can help to rearrange mics. If we know that in advance we can give them another type of mic they’re not going to fiddle with. It’s just having that knowledge and the time to make the presenter feel as relaxed as possible so that they can deliver a confident presentation.

How far in advance should I arrange AV equipment

The ideal lead time is hard to define because you really want to know the shape and scale of the event. We’ve delivered events worth thousands within two weeks, but we’ve also done £500 events the same day. A lovely lead-time would be about a month, but often its much less than that!


Set & Staging

You may already have had some experience in organising events or this may be your first. Either way it is important to consider a few basic things in order that your event is as successful as possible.The design and the dimensions of the set, screen and stage is the starting point. These are governed by:

Nature/style of the event
Room dimensions
Audience size
Activity required on stage i.e. video, presentations, live entertainment etc.

As a general rule, screen sizes are dictated by the size and seating arrangement of the audience. Ideally, the screen to audience ratio for cabaret seating with standard 4:3/16:9 ratio are:-
1-60 people: 6’ x 4.5’ screen 61-120 people: 8’ x 6’ screen 121-250 people: 10’ x7.5’ screen
250-450 people: 12’ x 9’ screen 451-650 people: 14’ x 10’ screen 650 + people: 20’ x 15’ screen


To ensure your event is a total success, the most important element is a highly skilled crew. From rigging to operation, their expertise is paramount.The number of crew required varies dependant on the size and scale of the event or conference. For instance, a small scale conference or event which is technically simple would normally be staffed by ‘all round’ technicians. These people have a good broad knowledge base and skills within A/V and are trained to manage and deliver such events.Larger or more technically demanding events will require specific technicians to perform such things as projection, lighting, sound and vision mixing and as such would require additional crew. This would ensure complete event co-ordination.

Live Video Streaming

Streaming means relaying live or pre-recorded video to a specific URL. This is intended for target audiences to view from their desktop, home or on the move. Any part or all of your conference/event can be streamed live using our portable production stream unit.Streaming will add a new dimension to your event or conference, allowing world wide viewing (if required). Live video streaming also provides user interaction and supports features such as real time polling with instant results display live to screen.


Nearly all events require some element of lighting, even if it’s just generic. Whether it is lighting a single lectern or using multiple lights to ‘wash’ a set with colour, lighting can really create many conference ‘moods’. Lighting can easily transform your event. From using spotlights, moving lights to full intelligent lighting systems that can provide complete control giving numerous light and mood settings for each presenter or agenda item of your event. You may even want to consider using Gobo light projectors to project a company ‘strapline’ or ‘logo’ to the stage, set or even moving around the room.


A P.A. system consists of three fundamental elements. Firstly, the loudspeakers to deliver the sound to your audience. These need to be strategically ‘placed’ dependant on room and audience size to provide maximum sound displacement and to ensure clear sound throughout. Next, the mixing desk. This takes all microphone, C.D.player, laptop and any other audio inputs. Here, the sound engineer has complete control over who hears what and when. A specialist job, especially when your event has multiple audio input requirements. Finally, the amplifier. This simply takes all of the mixed sound from the mixing desk and amplifies the sound level to supply the loudspeakers.


Cameras can be used to enhance and bring your event to life even more. From a single fixed position camera relaying your speaker/presenter back to screen, to multi-camera options for streaming, DVD production or training purposes. Our portable production unit allows vision mixing between cameras, recording and full playback facility.

Video Projection

An image can be projected on to a screen from the front of the screen or from behind. The factors determining front or rear projection are usually down to room capacities, room layout and audience sizes. In most cases rear projection is favoured, keeping all the technical equipment behind the screen and allowing presenters in front of the screen without affecting the beam and image. We also need to consider the “throw”. This is the distance required between the lens of the projector and the screen. Again, room capacity and size will determine this factor but as a rule, the “throw” is calculated at 1.5 times screen width.Example: An 8ft wide screen would require a 12 ft throw – 8ft x 1.5 =12ft. Our experienced team will be able to advise you on what AV and projection equipment will be best suited to hire for the event.