Electronic Voting System

Today audiences want to participate. We can help make your event interactive with our Turning Point software.

Our Electronic Voting System increases:


Turning Point results within your slide deck.


Voting is extremely useful, greatly improves the efficiency of meetings and fun to use.

Each voter receives their own electronic card which if required can be registered in their name.

The Turning Point software displays results to participants immediately after each vote on screen. In addition, a detailed voting report can be generated at the end of the meeting. 

In the case of secret ballots, the system encrypts the data without identifying participants

Our electronic voting system offers participants a choice of responses for each question. 

Apart from AGMs and conference the system can be used within a quiz. The system automatically counts the number of correct answers for each participant, giving the overall result at the end of the quiz.

Another way of carrying out the quiz is by determining the winner on a 'first come, first served' basis, or a variation of these two options, namely the sum of the points plus the fastest response.

In this instance, as in with the quiz, our voting systems count the points for each of the responses, and gives the score for each participant. 

The system also allows you to limit the time of response for any question.

Just think how you could use our electronic voting system for your next event. To learn more about the increased engagement using the Turning Point system click here.
Starter Package
from £600 ex vat
What's Included >

1 x Laptop with voting software

1 x Technician

80 Response cards

Pre programming

(Additional response cards POA)



Research shows some powerful statistics when using a voting system with increased Engagement, Motivation, Retention and learning.